Case Hoivatilat

Reference case | 12 December 2023

Case Hoivatilat: Deep Collaboration from Strategic Brand Update to Communication Strategy and Marketing Initiatives

Hoivatilat, established in 2008, develops real estate for care, education, and social services for public, private, and third sectors. HTGP partner Luova Työmaa has been their brand cooperative for several years.


In 2020, Hoivatilat considered their image no longer reflected its current role as an urban developer and partner for growing cities. This was attributed to their earlier focus on building smaller facilities in remote areas. Additionally, the concept of comprehensive rental service facilities was relatively unknown in the market. Hoivatilat also wanted to maintain a culture of active communication and marketing after their withdrawal from Finnish stock market due to company acquisition by a European health facilities investor, Aedifica.


Brand workshop

Hoivatilat’s role was clarified, highlighting its role as a rental facilities’ reliable long-term owner. A clear customer promise and key messages were developed, emphasizing their image as a responsible and innovative urban developer and a key player in creating society welfare. Their slogan “Platform for Happiness” reflects their actions in providing space solutions across life stages and different sectors, and that their client can focus on their different essential operations, when the facilities are the base infrastructure, taken care of by Hoivatilat.


The website update aimed for functionality and a smooth introduction of the new visual identity to both old and new customers, evolving over time in structural solutions to meet various communication campaign needs.

Video Production

Among a variety of informational video campaigns, a reference video production format was created, showcasing Hoivatilat’s projects through real user stories, providing a humane aspect with the technical and financial information for decision-making.

Ideation and Creative Concept

Hoivatilat redesigned a property solution to provide both housing and services in declining areas. The ‘service community’ concept combines diverse housing, care, and daily services with an environmentally and socially responsible framework. Luova Työmaa created an emotionally resonant yet logically grounded marketing concept for the new facility innovation, which was launched at the biggest public sector networking event in Finland, Kuntamarkkinat, in September 2022. Promotional efforts included a specially designed booth, an interactive voting initiative, and comprehensive presentations, supported by pre-event marketing in newsletters and stakeholder magazines.

Communications Strategy

The collaboration between Hoivatilat and the creative agency Työmaa involves strategic choices in marketing and corporate communication, focusing on creating impactful content for both communication and marketing purposes. The strategy is planned and observed yearly, adding new metrics to achieve accurate, measured results from marketing efforts.