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HTGP is a group of growth entrepreneurs and business leaders, experienced business advisors and goal oriented specialists . We have passion for growth and internationalization of your business.

Where Human Meets Technology

HTGP finds how technology can support human to exceed its goals. We guide you with decades of experience, leveraging our expertise across various sectors.

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Our References

“HTGP’s senior advisor has advised us on our growth and internationalization over the last 3 years. We have exceeded our targets and we have grown annually over 40%. As a founder and CEO for a scale-up company, I truly value the world class advisory HTGP has provided to us. Strong recommendation.”

Jussi Patopuro, Founder and CEO, Moontalk

“HTGP’s advisor has advised us on our go-to-market strategy in the Asia Pacific region and has excellent connections with many regional sales channels, and an in-depth understanding on how to drive indirect business through them. I strongly recommend the advisor to anyone planning to ramp up their software business in APAC using an indirect sales model.”

Juha Holkkola, Chief Executive & Co-Founder, FusionLayer Inc

“HTGP’s senior advisor has supported us on our growth and building of scalable business. We are growing organically over 20% per year and are well positioned in speeding the growth through acquisitions and internationalization.”

Veli-Pekka Pihlainen, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Kotirinki

“HTGP’s senior advisor supported us on our growth. In addition to being the fastest growing company in our domain we have been the driver of market change digitalizing and turning the real estate management into data driven business.”

Jussi Laukkanen, Founder and CEO Emännöintitoimisto Aamu – Real Estate Management

“As the newly elected CEO in DNA Finland, Riitta systematically reduced unproductive operations, invested in growth and turned the company profitable amazingly quickly. I strongly recommend her specially for business restructuring and growth building projects.”

Risto Siivola, former Head of Board, DNA Group Ltd

“Starting the company with Riitta, who has a wide range of experience, was fun and exciting. Under Riitta’s competent leadership, Healthoperator Ltd. quickly became one of the fastest growing start-ups at Silicon Vallila, Heath Tech business accelerator. I can sincerely recommend her in various business development projects.”

Terhi Pellinen, Co-Founder and Head of Board, Healthoperator Ltd.

“HTGP’s senior advisor has supported us on our rapid international growth. Our IoT business is one of the fastest growing in the domain and international expansion enables us to become the global leader.”

Pasi Leipälä, Founder and CEO, Haltian

“Temployer allows you to easily manage your flexible workforce including agencies from one system. HTGP’s senior advisor has supported us on our growth and building of international scalable business. Our business is growing organically appr. 40% per year.”

Markus Itkonen, Founder and CEO, Temployer

“Senior Advisor Riitta Tiuraniemi advised us on the telecom infrastructure project and gave us excellent insight into the target market.”

Pedro Ugarte, Partner at Arthur D Little

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HTGP appoints Jarkko Kemppainen as new Chief Technology Officer and Partner for Digi and AI

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