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Our mission is to enable growth and internationalization in the areas where human meets technology.

Transform your business into triumph

There are two essential qualities one must possess to enact change: the courage to take the first step and the confidence to keep going. For your business growth, we provide both. Through our comprehensive, personalized service, leveraging our partner network and an extensive team of specialized advisors, we will mentor you to identify the essentials, limitations, and opportunities of your current business model, particularly from a technology utilization perspective. Armed with knowledge, experience, active involvement, and ensuring a thorough understanding, we chart a path to success and support its execution.

Strategic Advisory

Growth and internationalization plans, winning growth strategies, comprehensive strategic plannings, and business environment analyses. Bold solutions for enthusiastic changemakers.

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Where others see data, we envision growth. Our technology-immersed specialists guide you from the beginning: to gather essential knowledge about your business's competence, and help you make the right data-driven decisions for growth paths.

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While diligently aligning diverse interests, we support you in strategic acquisitions and divestments that increase or release value, as well as in the execution of investment rounds.

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HR & Recruitment

HR operations and recruiting are key factors in keeping your competitiveness sharp. Modern businesses rely on human talent and grow by right-sized and timed people operations. People make the result and right people make the growth. We help you succeed through excellent, human-centric HR leadership.

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Comprehensive brand strategy touches all aspects of an organization, from product development to customer interactions. Become desired with HTGP tech-utilized brand services.

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Capital Market Communications

We are the trusted partner for companies looking to elevate their sustainability performance and overall communication strategies during the company’s whole lifetime, from start-up to listing and beyond.

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