Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Fundraising, Digitalization and ML/AI

Ville Hulkko


Ville is the co-founder and executive of several operational startups with +100mil€ net valuation, currently working as CEO of IKI Carbon.

A Silicon Valley -backed technology CEO and commercialization expert with a strong track record in new technologies -focused commercial strategies, organisational architecture, sales & marketing leadership and growth strategies. Ville is a great asset when it comes to building business based on startup principles.

Relevant experience:

  • Companies ranked as Top 5 fastest growing enterprise in Finland (Talouselämä, Silo AI), Top 6 AI companies to watch globally (Goldman Sachs, Valossa)
  • Co-founder & executive (CEO, CCO) experience in growth companies such as Fifth Innovation, ranging from 6 – 200 employees (IKI Carbon, Silo AI, Valossa Labs, Twelve)
  • Experience with services-driven product development strategies with deep tech
  • Growth Hacking management, KPI formulation & execution experience with both organic and inorganic growth methods
  • Experience with both local (Finland) as well as international go-to-market strategies
  • Experience with Venture Capital, both as an investor and investee
  • Follows an ethos of pragmatic growth strategy principles where Venture Capital is often considered as the last resort

+358 40 770 0010