Advisory/Board, Growth strategies, Radio technologies, Digitalization, Fundraising

Toni Lindén


Toni is an entrepreneur and CEO with experience from finding the company to eventually selling the business and operating in C-level positions both in startup and corporation.

During the time of founder and startup CEO Toni experienced the whole journey from finding the company and fundraising the seed funding to raising large international funding rounds and eventually growing the business to profitable multi million revenue company and running a structured M&A process of selling the business to listed company.

Toni has a strong understanding of technology and product management and capability to combine technical understanding with business and strategic thinking in complex environment of B2B and B2G markets. He’s highly competent and knowledgeable about communications and IoT solutions for critical infrastructures, defence & security, shipping industry, industrial IoT, digitalization and more.

Toni has also contributed to public – private cooperation as a Finnish government representative in the Arctic Council as well as participating as an industry representative supporting the Finnish government in defining current Arctic political strategy.

Toni holds the master’s degree in military sciences and has previously worked as an officer in the Finnish Defence Forces focusing on electronic warfare. He has also worked as doctoral student and research scientist in University of Oulu focusing on new radio technologies.

+358 50 586 7161