Digitalization and AI, Technology, Product management and R&D, Leadership, Strategy, Design Thinking, Organic Organizations

Jarkko Kemppainen

Partner, Digitalization

Jarkko is CTO and Partner at HTGP. He is also a founder and CEO at Seedtree Ventures. Previously Jarkko was CTO at Symbio Global.

Jarkko has 25+ years experience in international software and device creation industry. He has owned number of technology roadmaps and strategies in telecom, automotive and SaaS industries. He has devised number of business plans for both startups as well as product programs. He promotes Design Thinking for strategy, service and product creation, and believes in strength of Organic Organizations.

Jarkko holds M.Sc. Information Technology and is pursuing his Ph.D. on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Oulu University Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group.

+358 44 577 9014