Advisory and board services, Strategy, M&A advisory, Business Development, Corporate Governance and Leadership

Jari Pirkola


Jari has more than 25 years of experience in managing various companies and business changes. He is a CEO, advisor and board member with a passion for achieving results.

A good example of Jari’s experience is the time when he was CEO of the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange company. His mission was to restart the company from zero operation. To achieve that, he led the processes of four acquisitions in Finland, Sweden and Norway, forming a corporation. Over the years, the company’s operations reached such a level that it was listed on Nasdaq Helsinki First North.

Jari’s industry experience covers various industries, energy, recycling, sustainability, IT, telecom and industry operations. Also, ESG reporting and corporate governance are familiar for him.

Jari holds engineer’s degree of automation and has CBM (Certified Board Member) degree among others