HTGP appoints Jarkko Kemppainen as new Chief Technology Officer and Partner for Digi and AI

Firm News | 6 November 2023

HT Growth Partners Oy (HTGP) – Press Release 6th Nov 2023  8.00 AM

HTGP, a leading strategic advisor for growth, prepares for further expansion by welcoming a new Partner.

Jarkko Kemppainen is a technology executive and a visionary, recognized for his deep expertise in AI, machine learning, mobile device platforms and data analytics. During his 25+ years within the technology and ICT sectors, Jarkko has held positions such as CTO at Symbio Global, Director of Platform Business at Ardites and Technology Manager of Graphics at Nokia. Jarkko has lived in San Jose where he acted as Director of Solutions Architecture at Symbio.

He graduated from the University of Oulu with M.Sc. in information technology. He is a doctoral researcher, ITEE Biometrics and Intelligent Systems Group, at University of Oulu. He is researching digital twins, AI, ML, NLP and speech recognition.

“I’m thrilled to take on the role of CTO at HTGP. HTGP is at the forefront of these developments and I’m looking forward to working with my experienced and passionate colleagues to drive positive change in this dynamic field”, Jarkko says.

“I’m delighted to have Jarkko Kemppainen in place as our new CTO and Partner. Jarkko will ensure that HTGP continues in the forefront of latest technology enabled services to deliver strategic growth acceleration services for our customers”, says Petri Toljamo, CEO of HTGP.

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