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Juha Mikkilä

Partner, Brand

Juha Mikkilä assists companies in building strong brands that enhance both competitiveness and value. He possesses an exceptional ability to identify unique factors within companies that genuinely and creatively differentiate them from their competitors. For Juha, brand work is always about shaping the future, finding innovative ways to engage successfully with customers. Research has shown that brand-driven companies tend to be more successful than others.

Juha’s out-of-the-box thinking has helped his clients stand out successfully for 30 years across a wide range of industries, including ICT, food, forestry machinery, cities, energy, commerce, logistics, and start-ups, both internationally and domestically.

Juha’s career spans a series of exciting roles, including journalist, copywriter, creative director, strategist, and CEO.

+358 40 707 0372


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