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Value the Change

Achieving your growth strategy and responding to competition often requires strategic acquisitions and divestments, and smart equity investments and successful growth may culminate into an exit. Don’t navigate this journey alone – rely on HTGP’s expert guidance to maximize your company’s value.

We support our clients in strategic acquisitions and divestments that either increase or unlock value, as well as in executing investment rounds. Our services encompass the entire transaction lifecycle, from planning to execution and integration.

Business Transaction Services

Business Matchmaking

We assist our clients in finding suitable target companies, buyers, and investors for various strategic objectives.


Our valuation assessments are based on critical understanding of market sentiment as well as information regarding assets and income expectations.

Due Diligence Assessments

HTGP is experienced in conducting comprehensive due diligence processes . We are committed to providing accurate and reliable information to facilitate your decision-making process, ensuring that potential gains are maximized while risks are minimized.

Negotiations and Agreements Consulting

We are integral part of your teamin negotiations by offering strategic advice and negotiations support and can draft all transaction contracts and documents with decades of experience.