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HR & Recruitment

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When recruiting a new key person or an entire team, strengthening corporate culture, or crafting an innovative (people) growth plan, change is always on the horizon. Every growth company needs a versatile HR partner who ensures the conditions for growth and does not shy away from even the trickiest situations. All of us have growth pains, but you don’t need to suffer from them.

We are a comprehensive HR partner for various stages of your growth: we offer modern recruitment, HR, and coaching services from startups, to publicly traded companies. With our method, the HR Health Check, we quickly grasp the current stage of your HR and provide a growth-supportive development plan
that aligns with your strategy. With expertise, we carry out the necessary actions from strategic planning to advisory services and operational work.

Human resources and recruiting services

HR Health Check

We conduct an analysis of the current state of HR management and provide a tailored development plan with roadmaps. The plan strengthens growth and helps you anticipate many typical growth pains.

Recruitment & Headhunting

We are modern recruitment experts with wide network and understanding within the IT and technology talent market. You can rely on us in specialist to c-level recruitment, developing your recruitment processes, tools and methods, as well as planning and executing comprehensive recruitment projects, such as large investments . Redesign your recruitment with us.

Interim HR Services

For smaller companies without the resources for a full-time HR professional, our team offers versatile expertise as if you had a part-time HR or recruitment specialist on your team.

Coaching & Training

We assist in developing leadership and company culture through team coaching, supervisor training, and executive team coaching. We also provide individual career coaching and supervision.

Change Management Support

Strengthening a positive corporate culture, resolving conflicts, and change management services help smoothly implement organizational changes with a positive atmosphere.