Case UKI Architects

Reference case | 29 November 2023

UKI Architects: Branding, Communication, and Digital Support for Growth

Established in Oulu in 1958, the reputable architectural firm UKI Architects has grown into one of Finland’s largest offices during our partnership. UKI serves clients nationwide with offices in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, and Oulu. Known as a pioneer in the use of digital solutions in the industry, UKI Architects has been our partner in development and growth since 2006.


The beginning of our collaboration was quite clear: UKI Architects had a well-established reputation for quality and tradition due to its long history. However, the firm’s expertise was at the forefront of modernity. This adaptability and versatility were not well-known enough, sometimes affecting recruitment and sales. UKI’s strategy also included growth and the digitalization of design and customer experience, which required expert reputation management. Luova Työmaa, now one of HTGP’s subsidiaries, was chosen as the partner.

UKI’s brand needed a fresh and modern touch. In addition to branding work, we identified that the company’s communication and web services needed a more dynamic approach.



Together with UKI Architects, we examined and analyzed their competitive advantages, competitors, and target positioning. In this work, we utilized branding methods and workshops we had developed to help identify and plan winning brand promises, key messages, communication tone, and a new visual identity that supports the UKI brand. At the core of UKI’s brand is ‘Collaborative architecture.’


After completing the branding work and identity, we designed customer-centric websites for UKI Architects, which have been updated several times within the framework of our collaboration. The website communicates in line with the UKI brand: professionally, comprehensively, customer-centrically, and humanely, presenting the office’s impressive references and top experts.


UKI Architects believes in regular and long-term communication as an essential part of growing and thriving business. We continuously produce articles, press releases, and customer newsletters for UKI Architects on various platforms, focusing on quality architectural design, responsible and sustainable practices, new UKI team members and partnerships, completed design projects, and success in architectural competitions.