HT Growth Partners Expands: Joining Forces with Notarec, Luova Työmaa, and the Technology Team of Smartius

Firm News | 14 December 2023

HT Growth Partners Oy (HTGP) – Press Release 14th Dec 2023  0.00 AM

HTGP has signed partnership agreements with three business development entities. Branding and marketing agency Luova Työmaa Ltd, HR and recruitment specialist Notarec Ltd, and the technology and transaction team of the commercial law firm Smartius are joining the group. Earlier in the fall, HTGP appointed Jarkko Kemppainen, from Symbio, as its Chief Technology Officer.

HTGP combines leading strategic growth expertise and expert services that implement growth decisions.

‘HTGP is a new type of service provider, which brings together solutions and services needed by business management. We bring deep technology understanding to support clients’ growth and decision-making’, says Petri Toljamo, CEO of HTGP.

‘We have our own Chief Technology Officer and AI and Digitalization team. Many service companies develop their technology capabilities with external assistance; technology know-how is our core competence, and our world-class experts bring enabling technologyinto business management’, Toljamo states.

HTGP grew from zero to four million euros in one year.

‘HTGP continues to seek new service companies that provide clear customer added value to join its group. The goal is to multiply revenue in the coming years,’ says Petri Toljamo.

Additional Information:
Petri Toljamo,
CEO, founding partner
+358 40 180 1410


In one year, HTGP has grown into a consortium of expert services, aiming to become Finland’s leading builder of growth. In addition to advisory services, the company offers AI and digitalization services, communication and branding work, HR and recruitment services, and technology commercialization and transaction expertise. The service includes effective tools to support the implementation of crucial growth decisions. The group’s revenue in 2023 is nearly 4 million euros.

Notarec Oy is a trusted partner in modern recruitment, HR, and coaching. We help growth-oriented companies succeed through excellent, human-centric HR management. We have seen that many of a company’s growing pains relate to HR issues: recruitment, organization, people management. We understand that HR isn’t just about rosy scenarios. Every growing company needs a versatile HR partner who ensures conditions for growth and isn’t afraid of even the toughest situations. Our references include Haltian, Junnikkala, iLOQ, Talenom, Profilence, Gapps, SOK.

Luova Työmaa Ltd combines a dynamic group of creative designers, skilled storytellers, and innovative business developers. We believe that captivating storytelling combined with exceptional design makes a real difference for our clients. Our services include strategy, digital solutions and services, communication, UI/UX, digital marketing, and analytics. Our extensive portfolio is filled with success stories that demonstrate our expertise in elevating customer companies, products, and services to a new level.